23 January 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Horiman Museum

 The crab has tumbled into disarray -

In another cabinet were the Leaf Butterflies - can you find eight of them?

 Jo's raven -
 Sue's patterns from tortoise shells -
 Judith's porcupine -
 Janet K's sparkly costume -
 Joyce's mark-making based on coral ... with stitching in mind ...
 Janet B's water bird -
 Janet B's extracurricular activity - a sewn banner for her WI group -
 Joyce has been manipulating fabric (aka smocking) -
Finally, some more photos from the museum -
Currently unused, the glasshouse
Details from a temporary display of felted work by Karen Dodd, "The Fabric of the Reef", which draws on interdependent relations in the museum's aquarium -

Close-ups of some corals in the museum's collection -
Mushroom coral

Brain coral 

Organ pipe coral

22 January 2018


Another day indoors, continuing with the sports pages cutouts. As well as the outlined shapes of the action men, there will be "sports words". This is a possible layout ... I wonder if it has too many figures, or if some are too small or too large -
The paper sometimes curled and cast interesting shadows -

 Quite a few of the players were photographed in horizontal flight (latter-day angels?) -

How, now, to transfer the outlines to fabric? Or do I want to use these actual photographs, perhaps fuse them to the fabric, or can they be glued on... or outlined with a pencil? I flipped them over and reversed the positions, just to see what would happen. The coins weight them down, and represent the position of the balls -
 Timid outlining -
 And some more closeups - they happened to be in a sunny spot, hence the shadows and the text on the back showing through.

 How wonderfully floaty is this top, how delicate the footwork? -
 Detached from their backgrounds, these figures are full of interest.

21 January 2018

"Sports pages" ... continued

The weather was miserable today so I stayed in. No proper walking was done, but some progress was made on the "sports pages" piece, and several more of the excellent History of English podcasts were listened to, as well as a few episodes of In Our Time (history of ideas; available indefinitely and in great variety here).

I sorted the full-body action photos by size and pulled out the largest -
 then cut them out to get the shapes -
Where next? Re-arranging the shapes and tracing round them; perhaps overlapping, perhaps not. Coloured shapes, somehow?
Then, thinking about how to render this in fabric and thread, and what small(?) changes will make the transition from realistic photography to abstract (shadowy?) shapes, probably stitched. Or will there be too much tension and/or disparity?

20 January 2018

At London Art Fair

A few things that caught my eye here and there...
John Armstrong, Flower Piece, 1948

Anna Zinkeisen, The Dark Lady 1938 

Mary Newcomb

From a book about Mary Newcomb

Who painted this? It was lovely...

Marzia Colonna, West Bay (collage)

John Piper

Victoria Crowe

Rebecca Salter (japanese woodcut; detail)

Tomoko Hasuwa, Parallel 14, 15, 16, oil on canvas, 130 x 96 cm each

Abraham Kritzman, Undergrowth 3 and 4, pencil on paper

pencil graphite catching the light

19 January 2018

Painting: Surface and Gesture, week 2

On arrival at the studio, jolly things left on the easels from the previous class -
 ... and interesting things laid out for us - the theme this week is abstraction -
 The markings on the tables provided some abstract compositions of their own -

 We had a choice of unprimed canvas (primer was available) or canvas boards, and acrylic or oil paint, and were told about choosing brushes, flat vs round.

I decided to "keep it simple" and use different widths of flat brushes, and mix up each adjacent colour without preplanning. Call it "getting to grips with your tools". The effect is staid, but cumulative -
 Then a layer of white to tone it down -
 A pleasant way to spend a morning, especially as I'm having to fight with myself to give up on "painting" altogether. I like seeing the colours happen on the surface, but have absolutely no desire to "make a painting" - and certainly not to "express myself"!

Out came the camera for some detail shots -

 The foggy effect ...
 A bit of "found abstraction" -
Next week, life painting - !